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1U 2U Rugged Server


Why Size, Weight, Power Matters in Critical Applications?

SWaP reduction is driven by the needs of the applications. 7STARLAKE designs products based on satisfying SWaP constraints. The modern military critical applications demand more mobile, flexible, lower power consumption, and higher efficiency, that making the SWaP requirement more important. Besides, system upgrades are driving added functionality and increased performance, placing additional attention on SWaP.






Intel Xeon


1U, short depth (380mm) can bring advantages

1U, short depth size servers are the ideal solution for constrained space in the server rack. With only 1U sized, it increased space utilization, and also easily to move and system building. It can be installed alone in a 19” cabinet or mount side-by-side to increase the performance. 1U servers are well balanced between computing power, power consumption, and convenient deployment.


Why does 7Starlake Provide 1U Fanless Design?

Outdoor Condition

The dirt, dust, and moisture in the outdoor environment can damage the system, and as the air moves from high humidity or dusty environments, it might lead to the failure of system operation. Moreover, it’s important for the outdoor mission critical servers have better portability and resist the vibration during the shipment, adopting fanless design could ease these problems and allowing a reliable and long-lasting operation.

Efficient Thermal Solution

7STARLAKE ensures that our computer systems remain stable even in high temperature environment, not letting the CPU throttling and lower the CPU performance with fanless design. Our experts create system designs that use efficient thermal solutions – copper heat pipe and heat sink construct on both component and system levels. Heat pipes are the most common passive, capillary-driven of the two-phase systems that have an extremely effective high thermal conductivity.